How The PreConception Method Helps Women Over 40 Get Their Bodies Ready For Pregnancy in Just 12 Weeks!

The Holistic PreConception Method Trusted by Women Over 40 Worldwide, Empowering Them to Prepare Their Bodies for a Natural Journey to Motherhood and Embrace the Miracle of Life.

The Holistic PreConception Method Trusted by Women Over 40 Worldwide, Empowering Them to Prepare Their Bodies for a Natural Journey to Motherhood and Embrace the Miracle of Life
Written by Samantha Stanfield | July 7, 2023 | Holistic Fertility News
Written by Samantha Stanfield | July 9, 2023
Every woman holds the cherished dream of experiencing the joys of motherhood. For Melanie Bennett, a vibrant 43-year-old from Austin, Texas, that dream seemed elusive for three long years.

Melanie's journey was an emotional roller-coaster, filled with hopes and disappointments that strained her relationship to its limits.

Each month brought anticipation and excitement, followed by the crushing weight of yet another negative pregnancy test.

And then, a disheartening statement from her physician changed everything.

Melanie vividly recalls being told, "Melanie, your chances of getting pregnant naturally are slim. Your age, poor egg quality, and diminishing supply are significant barriers."

Why do conventional doctors often focus on instilling fear rather than empowering women with knowledge and personalized support on their fertility journey?

The truth is, these doctors are often overwhelmed and lack the time to provide a more tailored personal approach. Melanie felt lost, anxious, and without the guidance she needed.

Her OBGYN suggested multiple rounds of expensive Assisted Reproductive Therapy treatments, a common recommendation for couples facing infertility challenges, particularly at an older age.

But Melanie had witnessed loved ones invest significant sums on highly promoted such treatments with Clinics, only to endure heartbreak and disappointment.

For Women Over 40, Assisted Reproductive Therapy Pregnancy Rates May Be No different To Natural Conception Success Rates!

For Women Over 40, Assisted Reproductive Therapy Pregnancy Rates May Be No different To Natural Conception Success Rates!

Like many couples, Melanie yearned for a baby and felt the pressure to try anything doctors suggested that could make their dream of parenthood a reality.

Despite giving Assisted Reproductive Therapy two tries, it proved expensive, emotionally challenging, and ultimately unsuccessful for Melanie.

Her heart ached from the repeated disappointments, and the financial strain intensified the pain with each failed attempt.

But as she dug deeper, she uncovered surprising facts about Assisted Reproductive Therapy treatments success rates for women over 40 - they were similar to conceiving naturally!

Feeling shocked and betrayed, she wondered if expensive and emotionally draining procedures were being recommended without significantly increasing their chances of success.

Stories of couples burdened by debt and strained relationships due to multiple rounds of Assisted Reproductive Therapy treatments only reinforced her concerns.

It became clear that some fertility clinics prioritized profit over their patients' best interests.

Assisted Reproductive Therapy treatments could cost a staggering $15,000 to $25,000 per cycle, with multiple cycles often needed to achieve success.

The financial and emotional toll was immense, especially when the odds were not any better than natural conception.

Desperate for a solution, Melanie explored various fertility options on the market - supplements, diets, drugs, and even those quirky Apps—but nothing seemed to work.

The dream of motherhood started to fade, and she felt on the verge of giving up.

Empowering Melanie on Her Fertility Journey: Navigating Challenges and Finding Hope Amidst Disappointment.

In the shadow of her unsuccessful attempts at Assisted Reproductive Therapy, Melanie found herself standing at a crossroads.

The dream of motherhood she had nurtured for years seemed to be drifting further away, replaced by an echoing void.

Melanie's journey became a bitter struggle, marked by unfulfilled dreams and crushing despair. She had weathered her fair share of storms, yet nothing had prepared her for this onslaught of emotional pain.

The infertility journey was much more than a physical process; it consumed her emotionally, leaving her caught in a seemingly endless cycle of anticipation and disappointment.

She watched, heartbroken, as friends, family, and colleagues announced pregnancies, their joy a stark contrast to her silent struggle. Each social media post, baby shower invitation, or pregnancy announcement felt like a dagger in her heart.

Melanie lived through the disquieting silence of empty rooms that were meant to be filled with baby laughter and the quiet agony of an unused nursery gathering dust.

The monthly reminder of her unfulfilled dream became a recurring source of anxiety. Each cycle became a series of rituals—tests, injections, hopeful waits, and then, the inevitable disappointment.

The isolation was equally grueling. Infertility felt like a journey she was walking alone, with an invisible weight she was expected to carry in silence. People around her struggled to understand her pain, further amplifying her feelings of isolation and despair.

Melanie was also grappling with the societal stigma attached to infertility. Friends and family, although well-meaning, would often offer unsolicited advice or make insensitive comments, adding to her emotional burden.

Melanie's journey paints a stark and real picture of the struggle many women face with fertility issues. It's a journey marked by resilience in the face of despair, a story of heartbreak and hope intertwined.

Her battle was far from over, and Melanie continued to endure, carrying the strength of her unfulfilled dreams as her armor against a sea of heartache.

Dr. Fiona Tassoni, Doctor of Chinese Medicine With Over 22 Years of Fertility Experience

Dr. Fiona Tassoni, a Doctor of Chinese Medicine With Over 22 Years of Fertility Experience

Then, one fateful day, while desperately searching online for a solution, she stumbled upon a ray of hope - Dr. Fiona Tassoni.

With over 22 years of experience in helping women with fertility issues, Dr. Tassoni offered something unique and promising.

Dr Tassoni combined ancient traditional wisdom with scientific knowledge to create a holistic approach to fertility.

Melanie had tried countless treatments before, and it was natural for her to be skeptical. However, her burning desire to have a child outweighed her doubts.

When she read about the success of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) in improving fertility, her hope was reignited.

Studies had revealed that TCM could boost conception chances by up to 65%.

The fact that many Assisted Reproductive Therapy clinics now incorporated acupuncture and TCM to enhance their success rates made Melanie seriously consider this alternative path.

Taking a leap of faith, Melanie decided to embark on Dr. Tassoni's PreConception methodology.

This unique program focused on more than just the physical aspects of fertility - it addressed mental and emotional well-being too.

It was a refreshing departure from the sterile and impersonal Western medical treatments she had experienced before.

Over the course of 12 weeks, Melanie immersed herself in a comprehensive fertility program guided by Dr. Tassoni.

It encompassed various elements such as tailored diet recommendations, gentle exercises, rejuvenating acupuncture sessions, and nurturing mental wellness practices.

Each week, she eagerly anticipated her uplifting Zoom sessions, which left her feeling reinvigorated and cared for.

The Daunting Days of Fear and Uncertainty Were Starting to Fade...

From the very beginning of her journey with Dr. Tassoni, Melanie sensed a shift in her energy and outlook.

As she embraced the holistic approach of the PreConception method, she noticed a positive transformation taking place within her.

Her energy levels surged, her mood stabilized, and, most importantly, she felt a newfound sense of hope and control over her fertility journey.

With the guidance of Dr. Tassoni, Melanie's mind was freed from the shackles of doubt, replaced by a deep belief in the power of her body and spirit.

This shift in mindset had a profound impact on her physical well-being as well.

Dr. Tassoni's sessions became more than just medical consultations; they were moments of spiritual awakening and personal growth.

With each passing week, Melanie realized that she was not only preparing her body for conception but also realigning her spirit and redefining her approach to life.

It was a profound journey of self-discovery and self-care, driven by Dr. Tassoni's expertise and compassionate guidance.

Throughout her interactions with Dr. Tassoni, Melanie felt empowered and encouraged.

She found solace in the fact that her questions were met with patience and understanding, a stark contrast to her previous experiences with Western doctors.

The personalized care and attention she received made her feel valued and heard. It was a true partnership, where Melanie played an active role in her own fertility journey.

And then, as if a miracle had unfolded before her eyes, it happened. After 12 weeks of nurturing her body and mind with the PreConception method, Melanie discovered that she had conceived naturally.

The moment she held the positive pregnancy test in her hands, an overwhelming wave of joy washed over her. The years of heartache, struggles, and disappointments had finally led her to this beautiful moment—she was going to be a mother.

Melanie's story of triumph and resilience offers an inspiring message to all women over 40 who are trying to conceive.

It is a testament to the fact that age, poor egg quality, or low egg reserves do not define the limits of your fertility journey.

Dr. Fiona Tassoni's PreConception method is a beacon of hope, harnessing her 22 years of experience as a Doctor of Chinese medicine and the countless success stories of her patients.

This unique methodology goes beyond addressing the physical factors impacting fertility.

It recognizes the emotional, mental, and lifestyle aspects as well, creating a comprehensive and balanced approach to conception.

Dr. Tassoni understands that each woman's journey is unique and deserves personalized care that considers the whole person.

The PreConception Method Is More Than Just A Fertility Treatment, It Transcends the Physical...

Over 40 and dreaming of motherhood? The PreConception methodology is here to guide you on a transformative journey towards achieving your deepest desire.

Forget about traditional fertility treatments—this approach is all about nourishing your body, uplifting your spirit, and embracing a new life.

It goes beyond surface-level fixes, focusing on holistic techniques that address your body's needs on multiple levels.

Firstly, Dr Fiona Tassoni will help you tailor your diet to enhance fertility. By incorporating nutrient-rich foods and eliminating ones that hinder conception, you'll be providing your body with the vital fuel it craves.

But it doesn't stop at food—it's about cultivating a healthy relationship with what you eat.

Dr Tassoni will show you how to turn mealtimes into moments of self-care and empowerment, nourishing both your body and fertility.

Secondly, she'll introduce you to scientifically-proven exercises that enhance your fertility. No grueling gym sessions here—think gentle, restorative practices like yoga and Tai Chi.

These activities invigorate your body and mind, enhancing blood flow to your reproductive organs for optimal function.

And let's not forget about stress. The silent enemy of fertility, chronic stress can wreak havoc on your chances of conceiving.

That's why this program equips you with stress-management techniques like mindfulness, meditation, and deep breathing.

By taming stress, you'll create a calm and controlled environment for your fertility journey.

By embracing the PreConception methodology, you're not only saving yourself the emotional and financial strain of invasive treatments like multiple rounds of Assisted Reproductive Therapy, but also empowering yourself with knowledge about your own body.

You'll become equipped with the tools needed to enhance your fertility naturally.

The benefits go beyond conception itself. You'll witness a significant increase in your chances of conceiving naturally, all while gaining a deeper understanding of your body, adopting a healthier lifestyle, and nurturing a more positive mindset.

With the PreConception methodology, you're embarking on a holistic, cost-effective, and stress-reducing approach to fertility.

It sets the stage for a healthy pregnancy while preparing your body, mind, and spirit for the incredible journey of motherhood.

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You may have reached a point where you feel like you've exhausted all possibilities, but I want you to know that it's never too late.

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